Introduction to Drawing 4 Week Course

Introduction to Drawing ONLINE

Spring 2021

With Kathy Calhoun

Thursdays 6:30-8:30pm

March 25th, April 1st, 8th 15th 2021

“Drawing is the rein and rudder of painting.”

Da Vinci

Whether looking to create a drawing practice that will buttress the understructure of your paintings or just looking for a new creative way to express yourself, you will find what you want in this class. Kathy's approach is a laid-back combination from my atelier studies in New York and Paris to wrangling /teaching 500+ elementary school students a week for years.

We will meet once a week on Thursday evenings via Zoom. Turning your camera on is optional, libations at your side also optional, but joining in on fun discussion is encouraged! All essential work done together on-line with google classroom for support. You can also email me images of your work for informal one on one feedback. Optional add-on exercises are offered if so desired.

I will also email out a mini lesson plan of sorts as well as any needed images the day before so you can have a heads up. (Everything is BCC’d for your privacy) 

Slideshows of artists and their work that are relevant to what we are studying that week will be shown. Classes on Zoom and will be recorded, posted on google classroom page and/or emailed to you.

 Materials List-


2H, 2B, 4B

Hand held pencil sharpener

Kneadable eraser

White vinyl eraser

Sharpee thin fine liner black marker

Charcoal vine

Charcoal compressed (either stick or pencil)

White Conte chalk (Conte a Paris is good, General’s not)

Red Conte chalk (see above for white conte)


11”x14” or 12”x18” Sketchbook (Strathmore or Canson)

Sheet of Pastel or color paper -grey, blue or tan (Strathmore or Canson Mi-Tenes)


Tissues or blending stumps

Chamois cloth

Scrap paper (newsprint)

Masonite or foam core board to attach paper to (dimension slightly larger than paper)

Desk Lamp

Low stick tape (like painter’s or artist tape)

Fine grit sandpaper

Newprint paper

I will also have a practice Zoom session where I show these materials and answer your questions

General Overview (Possibly subject to changes, depending on student interest, and time)

Week 1 Quick and Slow

-Materials Exploration



-Combining Techniques and Materials

Week 2 Boxing In, Easy Measures, and Bringing It Out

-Sight measuring and proportions.

-Shadow shapes


-Tonal scales

Week 3 Figuring It Out

-Drawing the figure -1-2-3

-Copyist work

-Bringing Textures and cloth folds

Week 4 Smudgy and Trois Crayon

-Through the Fog

-Lights and Darks

-Copyist Work Geos and Fruit

Sketchbook Suggestions to continue your drawing

Scholarship Opportunity Opportunities

 One for a full time teacher who has worked during the entire pandemic and one for a full time medical professional who has worked directly with Covid-19 patients during the last year. Please email me for more information. My small way of saying thanks!

Please email with questions or to reserve your spot. Class size will be limited

Class Time & Dates

Thursdays 6:30-8:30pm

March 25th, April 1st, 8th 15th 2021

Introduction to Watercolor

Introduction to Watercolor

6 sessions

Thursdays 10:15am-12:15 afternoon via Zoom

January 14th-February 18th

with sessions recorded for student at-leisure access*

*This feature is particularly useful in case of a missed class, conflicting work schedule, or to watch the class again if further practice is desired

This class is for beginners to intermediate level. A love of experimentation and curiosity are the most important tools to bring to this class; basic drawing skills are helpful but not required.

Zoom Meeting Instruction will include teacher demonstrations (with student paint along) slide shows, group discussions and brief one-on-one consults

Supporting Instructional modalities are: email and image sharing with mark-ups for individual critique, files of instructional print outs, private Facebook class page for community building and voluntary sharing of student work as well as short videos


Lesson 1: An Exploration of Materials and Application Methods (wet-on-wet, glazes, blocks, resists and lifts) with additional instruction including: work area set-up, and methods for controlling the paint.

Lesson 2: Value as a Vehicle to show form and the illusion of space to create convincing compositions. Also lost and found edges and transferring imagery will be covered

Lesson 3: Kathy’s Theory of Tri-Color Application Color theory and color wheel, integrating color with value

Lesson 4: Still Life from Real Life With Kathy’s guidance you will select an object and paint along with Kathy but with your own palette, planning and techniques.

Lesson 5: From Table to Farm (or Mountains or Beach etc.) still life completion, landscape set-up from your own Kathy-approved photograph. Basic composition strategies and planning shown and discussed

Lesson 6: Wrapping Up and Loosening Up Landscape painting completion and if time allows quick exercises for loosening up your painting practice.

Materials Needed

(I can send a much more detailed list with Amazon links or you can use what you already have)


Digital Camera (Phone Camera is fine)

Zoom Account

FB Account (to access to videos and class community posts)

(Printer is helpful, but not necessary)

To get on-line or from an art store (will send out a detailed list and video explanation)

Watercolor paper at least 140lb. At least 11x”14”, 12”x18” preferred

Paint set with at least a form of red, yellow, blue, burnt umber, violet (purple), orange, green that come in TUBES

A plastic paint palette with individual small wells to leave color in

4 watercolor brushes-a thin liner, a round 3, round 10 and a flat wash (at least ¾”)-numbers are approximate

White artist tape roll

Tracing Paper 9”x12” pad

White gouache paint

Essential but can get anywhere, may already have

Paper towel roll or old tea towels

Two clear plastic containers that can hold atleast about 20oz of water

Drawing board or foam core about 18”x24” to tape down watercolor paper

A gooseneck desk lamp (just means the neck can move) $7 at Target


Sharpee marker

Ruler at least 12”


Kneaded eraser

For First Week Exploration (not end of the world if you do not have any of these)

Toothpicks, table salt, Q tips, Clear wax (like from a candle), saran wrap, liquid masking fluid

Workplace Suggestion

A place to be able to leave your work out, preferably with lots of natural light and near a sink

Time, Dates and Costs

Class Tuition: $150.

Dates: January 14th, 21st, 28th, February 4th, 11th, and 18th 10am-12noon recorded live with video posted to FB class page with access forever after (or until something stupid happens with the FB algorhythm)